Delhi To Agra Taxi- The Most Comfortable Way To Get To Your Destination
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Nov 02, 2019

Delhi To Agra Taxi- The Most Comfortable Way To Get To Your Destination

Delhi and Agra are the two important points in India’s Golden Triangle. The travel between Delhi to Agra is one of the common ones. Agra attracts tourists not only from the nation but from across the globe. If you are in Delhi, you need to take some time to discover the other city as well as vice versa.

There are various things to do in both places and you surely need the time to visit both fascinating cities. Delhi to Agra taxi is one of the most comfortable ways to explore the places.

The two cities are nearly 230 kilometers apart. There are several transportation options you can use to get to move between Agra and Delhi. You can choose the mode of transport based on your desired comfort level, budget, as well as your schedule. There are four types of transport options available to you. These include train, bus, flight and car.

Delhi to Agra by train: You can reach from Delhi to Agra by train if you do not worry about getting slightly jostled in a crowded city and tiptoeing the railway station. The trains run on a daily basis and the duration of the journey may vary slightly. The journey may take vary from nearly 2hours to 6 hours. The highly popular routes take about 2-3 hours or 6 hours. The speeds of the different trains may vary.

Delhi to Agra by bus: The duration of travel on the route of travel from Delhi to Agra is 3-4 hours. You can book for luxury bus seats or non-air-conditioned ones. The earliest bus leaves from Delhi to Agra at 6 AM and the last one is scheduled at 10:40 PM. There are multiple boarding points from Stations like Sarai Kale Khan, Akshardham, Mahamaya and Kashmiri Gate metro.

Delhi to Agra by taxi: This is one of the most convenient and fun options for traveling from Delhi to Agra. If you do not have a driver, you should consider hiring one. It is best to have a local driver as it would make navigation across the roads easier. Car rentals from Delhi to Agra usually cost USD 30 per trip apart from USD .014 including toll tax and cost of the state tax.

You can also board a flight from Delhi to Agra if you need to reach super fast. However, this is the costliest option.

Taking care of the above considerations, to get the best experience of travel, make sure that you hire a Delhi to Agra taxi from a reputable and trustworthy car rental company. You may Vist Go To Cabs to know more about Delhi to Agra taxi services.

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