How to Manage With a Taxi When You are at a Foreign Land?
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Sep 02, 2019

How to Manage With a Taxi When You are at a Foreign Land?

Taxis are the most preferable commute among transportation, especially when you are at a new place. Even though there are public transport vehicles like local trains, buses, people use cab service as there are numerous reasons like it is comfortable, to carry luggage easily, can reach the place at your own pace and time, you don’t have to wait for a long time, reach exactly where you to get dropped. Also if you are a frequent traveler, going for new places, the taxi can help you better rather than the bus. Also now much taxi cab has introduced outstation travels like Bhopal to Kota, Bhopal to Surat or Indore. Importantly the taxi driver knows every corner in the city or town, and he or she will be from similar localities. Here are some important tips for you to manage the taxi services if you are in a new place.

1. Reach Taxi Stand Directly

You can always find a taxi stand right outside the bus stand, railway station and even at the airports, every street, and important public hubs will have the taxi stand s at least at the corner of the street. Even if you are not familiar with the language the taxi stand people can help you out. Generally, only the authorized cabs are stopped at these stands. Which means it is safer, and the driver has all the mandates and license required to drive locally.

2. Check for taxi phone numbers

Every taxi company does have the numbers, and that’s how they wanted to advertise. Also, the legitimate companies shave the taxi numbers plastered above the rooftop so that anyone can see. Always check for the taxi services that only have legitimate numbers and can reach the place within 15 minutes of drive.,

3. Check if you are going right

Thank god! You have Google. Even though you don’t know the place or language, Google cannot fail you with the route. Always use the map to follow if the driver is going on the right route. The routes like Bhopal to Kota or Bhopal to Indore taxi services take different routes to reach the destination. It is because the time taken for each of them is different. However, if you are traveling in night suggest the driver take only the normal route so that the safety is ensured and secondly, you know where you are going.

4. Look for the meter

Every authorized taxi does have the meter if you are not booking anything online. Legitimate taxi service is still using the meter for the customer. Check if the meter is running and get into the cab. This is one of the important sign if you are traveling to the place for the first time. Because it affirms that you are in a safe place and also the price is not too high for the drive.

These are some of the tips that will help you to stay safe and manage if you are traveling in small towns like Bhopal to Kota or Surat.


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